The Delicious & Nutritious World of Chang Terhune: Author, Yogi, Musician, Not of this Earth


I make music under a couple of different names.  I try to make each moniker represent a different style of music.  Most of this you can hear over on SoundCloud.



cathode ray tube is kinda straight up IDM.  Think Richard H Kirk, Monolake, Autechre, Aphex Twin, Jega, Wisp, etc.  I do.

As Brittney Sparse I do more minimal techno ala Monolake, Akufen, Fux, snd, Rhytm & Sound, Basic Channel, etc.  I sometimes wish I was born in Berlin.  Or France.

Meatspace is a lot more rock oriented.  Full of guitars, bass and heavy beats.  I think of it more as music for the Bourne Identity films if that had all been done by Scorn or Killing Joke, with a side of mid-80’s New Order and 1988 era Ministry.

My mixes – done under the name of Dr. Savasana – can be found on Mixcloud!

I do a little bit of DJing under the name DJ Dr. Savasana.  I’m okay at it.

Most of this you can hear over on SoundCloud.

Enjoy it!

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