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MUSIC MONDAYS: The heart’s not in it

Hey.  It’s that time.  Dig in.


Ultimate brother of destruction and home piece Jungle JMC was a big fan of MArtha and the Muffins back in the day.  I confess to being like sucker contemporaries and not heeding the word of the guy who has helped shape a lot of what I like for the past 26+ years.  Well, last week I finally got religion.

It all started when some cats over on AHOT said to check this out:

ANd I was all like SWEET! Then another cat was like yo check this:

And I was like DAAAAAAAAMN!!!!

See I dug M+M but never enough to slap down for vinyl or plastic. What a dummy. Well, I rectified that by J hooking me up with all their output from 81 – 84. Good stuff. I knew them from these two tracks that I love back in the dazzle.

Issa nice lil’ bit o’ Canadafunk. Then there was this one which just kills me:

That is just a divine piece of music and man does the image of Martha carrying Mark just kill me every time. Glad I finally got on the wagon before I died. Thanks, J!


I’m a fan of David Byrne’s from way back in the dizzle which should surprise no one. I remember seeing this on TV back in the day and just being blown away. Still pretty hot 15 years later.

Of course this led me to a wee bit o’ poking and I discovered someone put all of MY LIFE IN THE BUSH OF GHOSTS up with the extra tracks. Worth a listen, too. Now.

It kills me how this is still fresh and relevant well over 30 years after being put out. I can’t be the only sucker seeking to cover it still, right?

Piece out with your greasy self!

Updated: May 15, 2012 — 9:00 AM

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