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MUSIC MONDAYS: Bleep myself into the future

Kids, I’m wiring this from the past.  So your reading it from the future?  Isn’t the internet unreal.

I feel like I copped out a little bit on last week’s MuMon so I’m gonna try to make this one really big and beefy.


Firstly I finally began to play Portal 2 and as it seems to go with me and anything Valve puts out I can’t stop playing.  It has all the things I love in a video game:  great graphics, great story, great puzzles and great music.  The music for Portal 2 is really amazing, along the lines of the soundtrack for Journey.  So I googled it and sure enough them tracks is on the web!  Dig ’em.  Plus they got ringtones, too!  If you need a refresher or a little teaser, here’s a trailer for it:


I forget how I found out about them but somewhere along the way I stumbled across Iamamiwhoami.  Much like The Knife and Fever Ray, Iamamiwhoami makes me wonder what the frig is in the aquavit over there.  They make these crazy videos and amazing, weird electronic songs.  What the hell is in the water there?  Love this stuff.  Their schtick is releasing a series of videos in a certain order to portray a continuing narrative.  I likey mucho.  Here’s one track but it’s worth finding the playlist and watching them in order.


Oh, the day there is news of a new Killing Joke track my heart swells and I feel faint.  Then I wonder if it will suck or not.  Well, not to worry:

Killer.  Reminds me a bit of “Red Rain” by Peter Gabriel for some reason. In a good way.

Dig yourself.

Updated: April 9, 2012 — 12:03 PM

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