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MUSIC MONDAYS: You can’t handle the fruit

“A cold?  God damn it!  I ain’t got one of these since 2009!  That shit’s bogus!”

That’s what I was saying last week when I began this then got too sick to go on.  Oh, poor me.  ANyway, I almost missed tow weeks due to playing Portal 2, watching all those Stieg Larsson “The Girl With Shit Up Her Nose” movies and British heist films being very ill.  But now I’m better.

The main music I gotta tell you about is these guys:  ARCHNEMESIS.  Amazing stuff.  Somewhat hiphop, but a lot of sample driven mayhem.  VEry cool.

This is my new theme song. I even have my Canadian tuxedo ready to wear when I step into a room and this plays from speakers I’ve had surgically implanted in my butt.

You can download they’re stuff for free. Do it. And release your inner helicopter mack.

That’ll do, human. That’ll do.

Updated: April 3, 2012 — 2:46 PM

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