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MUSIC MONDAYS: Dr. Savasana’s Mixtape Cure For All Evils

So DJ Dr. Savasana cold rocked it this past Friday.  Just sayin’.

I try to do something different with these as I may have previously mentioned.  This time around it was to get more input from the Soul Surgeon (aka my wife, Alice Riccardi) and also relax some restrictions on myself.

One of these was to break my rule about not using more than one song by an artist.  This is a tough one as there are so many great songs by so many artists.  But I figured I’d put it in the playlist and if it worked then it did and if not so be it.  One of the artists I doubled up on was Grace Jones. Like you can get enough of her?

Another was DJ Technics, a Baltimore DJ I found via the use of his damn amazing track on an episode of THE WIRE. I could listen to this jam all day long and have in fact done so. It’s amazing in its brevity, simplicity and power.

I also liberally used samples from a Tito Puente song all across the mix.  It was fun to see where I could fit it in and how it worked in different tempos and arrangements.

The other thing was to release the mix unedited.  Usually I go through it afterward and iron out the mistakes and make it smoother.  This time around as I listened I realized this sterilizes it a bit and removes some of the excitement from doing the mixes.  I believe that with it unedited, warts and all, you get a better sense of how I’m growing as a DHJ (I hate calling myself that, but…) and also how the music evolves in response to the crowd as it would in a club… or parole hearing.

So here’s the mix.  Hope you dig it.

What’re you listening to right now?  What’s popping?


Updated: March 12, 2012 — 12:25 PM

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