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WRITERLY WEDNESDAYS: Getting it back on.

"Yeah, if you look right here it seems he dropped it on Jan. 1, 2012. Right around when he bought Skyrim. That's felled more authors than porn & The Wire on DVD combined."

Dear Peeps,

Come turn of the year to 2012 I seemed to have lost my groove.

Not sure what happened but everything ground to a halt: my writing days, my writing hours, my story direction, my blah, my bloo, my blew.  I think it’s safe to say I lost some ground to Skyrim but  something in me just pooped out.  Uh, wait… that doesn’t sound right.

What I mean is I just caved.  Everything seemed to be a burden.  Waking up, working, everything.  I buried myself in Skyrim then The Wire then one day I realized how happy I’d been in December where I had a regular schedule, stuck to it and produced results.

This ties in somewhere with my workout regime and my general approach to Project Less of Me.  Well, so far so good this week.  Been to the gym every day and done some writing.  Even finished up a short tory I started in February called “Deluxe Cheesecake.”  It may not necessarily suck, either!

I’m feeling good about it all in all.  Catching up on the immense backlog on AGG is a source of great comfort as I think once I get that done and am back on a regular write some, type some I’ll feel like it’s a pretty good groove.

As soon as this episode of The Wire is done I’ma write me some werds!

How about you?  How goes your work?

Updated: March 7, 2012 — 12:18 PM

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