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MUSIC MONDAYS: In the Key of Sugarloaf

While you’re reading this I’m in Florida either sunning myself or recovering from a vicious sunburn I got the first day down here. I’m never too sure what’s going to happen with me and my epidermis in the tropics.

So here are some offerings for you while I’m away, all courtesy of the wonderful folks at Dangerous Minds. All are rather long and all from one of the most fervent periods and places for music: early 1980’s New York!

So here’s Talking Heads live in Italy on the Remain in Light tour. This is simply amazing:

Play it loud!

Next is a full documentary on the wonderfully bizarre and fabulous Klaus Nomi. I first heard of him from the monolithic URGH! A MUSIC WAR compilation and never looked back. Dig that crazy hair and falsetto!

And then once again because it’s that awesome, Talking Heads live in Germany.

Talking Heads – Live – Dortmund – 1980 from sjx on Vimeo.

See you in two weeks!

Updated: February 16, 2012 — 8:54 PM

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