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The yoga virtuosos | RecoveringYogi



The yoga virtuosos | RecoveringYogi.

In addition to being the luckiest woman in the world married to the luckiest man in the world, my wife, Alice Riccardi, is also a pretty damn good writer.  The link above is her debut at Recovering Yogi, a site run in part by a good friend of ours, Joslyn Hamilton.

I’m pretty damn proud of my wife for a lot of reasons.  One of them is that I have witnessed her transformation over the years from a funny smart sexy woman into an amazingly powerful healer and thinker.  In the last year her writing has gone through the roof in terms of quality and expression.  Kind of scary in a way.

Means I gotta stay on top of my game in yet another area of our marriage.  😉

I love you, Alice.  Nice work.


Updated: September 9, 2011 — 3:26 PM

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