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On a lighter note: PUPPIES!!!

Christ almighty.  Take a look at this guy, willya?!

Here’s his stats:

  • 1/2 Yellow Labrador
  • 1/2 shar-pei (probably fawn)
  • Has 8 siblings.
  • Left in an abandoned house by some bastard in Tennessee.
  • Is up for adoption.

Oh, Christ.

Meanwhile we have the awesome Sparky who is also half shar-pei, wicked cute and my best non-human friend.

I feel myself on the verge of making either a huge mistake or opening our home up to another awesome dog.

My neighbor runs the no-kill shelter Pooches on The Move in Maine and sent me this picture.  She should’ve just sent one of Cindy Crawford holding a cannoli and Fallout:  New Vegas for the PS3 and nothing else (yes, I’m that shallow.  Food, sex, puppies and post-apocalyptic video games.  You want deep?  Go see this guy).  I would have drooled just as much.

Sadly I think we may have to pass.  Last time I did this we ended up with the bullying George Foreman the cat and it took 6 years for us to get used to him.  Two dogs are much different.  Sparky at three might not be able to handle a puppy.  Not to mention how the humans would.

Still.  That guy’s so damn cute up there.  I’ve already named him Buddha.  Or maybe Bluto.  If it’s a girl I’ll name her Cindy.

Forever your shallow friend,


Updated: June 26, 2011 — 11:32 AM

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