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Month – January 2011

Music Mondays: The Young Gods

Very busy here at Moon Zero XM. So a quick drop of some video by them. They’ve been blasting away with sampled guitar madness that does stuff guitars can’t and the completely rock (especially because they’re Swiss!). They have a new album which I’ve heard rocks. This track is from “Only Heaven” which was completely […]

Music Mondays: Music for Snow

Hey. Blog got offlined due to a billing mixup. Seems we’re getting more snow tomorrow, which is okay by me as we’ve gotten so little.  One of my favorite things to listen to while walking in the snow is “Do While” from Oval’s “Diskont 94.”  It’s pretty much the sound of a snow storm, with […]

Music Mondays: Pale Sketcher

Justin Broadrick has been drummer for Napalm Death, and Head of David and also the mainstay of Godflesh.  I lost touch with his music after 1997 or so.  Recently the Jesu/Pale Sketcher stuff was recommended to me and I’m amazed by it.  Heavy, heavy bass with some elements similar to Boards of Canada but with […]

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